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Our Mission is to Create Tail-Wagging Happiness for Every Pup!

We offer innovative, high-quality pet products and outstanding customer service, creating comfortable and happy homes for pets. They provide functional, stylish solutions to make pet ownership enjoyable and stress-free, recognizing the importance of pets as integral family members.

Choose How You Want Us to Care for Your Pet!

We offer various pet care services, such as regular walks, playtime, grooming, pet-sitting, overnight services, and virtual appointments. Additionally, We host pet-related events like adoptions and training sessions to serve the community and keep clients engaged.

Pet Sitting

Hire a trustworthy pet sitter for personalized care while you're gone. Services include feeding, exercise, medication, dog walking, and playtime in the comfort of your pet's own home. Find a local sitter today

Pet Minding

Trust us for stress-free pet care! Our experienced sitters provide top-notch care for your furry friend, no matter if you're away or just need a helping hand. With flexible scheduling and affordable rates, you can easily fit pet care into your busy life.

Pet Training

We offer personalized pet training services with certified trainers for a well-behaved, happy and obedient pet. Contact us to create your tailored plan today!


We offer professional dog grooming with flexible scheduling, convenient locations and a range of services. Contact us to learn more/book an appointment.

Pricing Plans

Dog Walking

Mix Pup Homes offers affordable pet boarding and daycare with excellent care and a range of pricing options, including daily rates, packages, and monthly memberships.

Group Walk (Max 4 Dogs)

USD $ 25/hr

Solo Walk

USD $ 20/hr

Pet Sitting

We offer professional in-home pet care including feeding, walking, and playtime. Book us for peace of mind knowing your pets are in good hands. Trust our reliable service for your pet's comfort and safety while you're away.

Dog Sitting / Cat Sitting

USD $ 20/hr

Pet Pop Ins

USD $ 15/hr

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Rocky Likes to Play on Greens

Explore the playful world of Rockie as he frolics on lush greens. Join our journey of joy and discover the exuberance of a furry friend reveling in the simple pleasures of outdoor play.

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